Quality Brake Services by an Experienced Team

Let us ensure that your brakes are in proper working condition, so you can drive safely. 

At Seaside Tires and Wheels you can find quality brake pad replacements starting at $149 per axle. We also offer free inspections and quotes to our customers.

We understand that brakes can sometimes need immediate attention, and delaying them may mean that you’re risking a more hazardous drive. Appointments are not necessary when you’re coming to our store. You can call ahead or drop by, and our team will attend to your needs quickly.

For first-rate brake services, visit our store in Wilmington, NC. Our technicians are experienced with diagnosing issues and providing appropriate solutions. Get in touch with us today.

Note:  $149 (per axle) for brake pad replacement services does not include additional parts, like rotors, calipers etc. However, our team can provide you with free quotes upon inspection.

A person holding a brake rotor